Show your support!

Though participants pay registration fees, we can’t run the program without the help of generous sponsors like you. Sponsorships cover costs like the annual Memorial Day weekend BBQ, full uniforms, COVID safety expenses, and baseball gear for our growing number of players/teams.

We encourage you to consider a sponsorship at one of the following levels:

  • $360 MVP: Sponsor a whole team! Your name will be on the team’s uniforms. MVP sponsorships are limited.
  • $250 Home Run: Memorial Day weekend BBQ sponsor. Your name will be on a special giveaway item.
  • $180 Major League: Equipment sponsor. Your name will be on certain pieces of our equipment.
  • $100 Minor League: COVID sponsor. Your name will be on COVID related safety gear.

All sponsors will be listed and continuously appreciated throughout our social media, on our webpage, in print media, and will be listed in a highly visible place for all participants to see each Sunday at our games.

Please reach out to Ari Goldstein via email @ info at if you would like more information about becoming a sponsor.