Instructional (Intro to T-Ball)

  • Informal play to learn basics of the game
  • Everybody plays in the field and everybody bats
  • Everybody practices running the bases to learn about 1st, 2nd, 3rd base and home
  • Each batter hits from the tee
  • Each batter bats until they hit the ball into the field of play
  • Each batter reaches first base safely and will continue on base until they score
  • No winning or losing team

Minors (T-Ball)

  • Games are up to 5 innings with a 1-hour time limit
  • Everybody plays in the field and everybody bats every inning
  • Each player will hit off a T or have their coach throw underhand
  • Each batter bats until they hit the ball into the field of play
  • If a ball is hit into the infield, and no play is made, the hitter stops at first base and the runners advance only one base. If a ball is hit into the outfield, and no play is made, the batter and runners advance until the ball is thrown into the infield. If a runner is less than halfway between bases he/she goes back to the previous base.
  • Final batter of the inning clears the bases (everyone on base scores)
  • No winning or losing team

Majors (Baseball)

  • Game should go 7 innings if time permits
  • If tied after 7 innings, extra innings will be played, time permitting
  • Game can end in a tie
  • Team must have a minimum of 6 players or forfeit the game. The 6 player minimum includes: (1b, 2b, ss, 3b, cf, p). Additional players from the batting team should supplement the fielding team at lf, rf and catcher. Those players playing the field for the other team will hit first in their next inning at the plate.
  • In the event of a forfeit, a “choose-up” game will be played instead
  • This is a coach pitch league. Each player will be given 3 swings, balls and strikes not called. After 3 swings the player will hit off the T.
  • All players must be included in the batting order
  • All batters and runners MUST wear a batting helmet. 
  • A maximum of 9 players on the field. (1b, 2b, ss, 3b, lf, cf, rf, p, c). If a team has more than 10 players in attendance, then free substitution in the field is allowed.
  • Rachmanus Rules:
    a. If a team scores 6 runs in an inning, the inning is over and next team bats.  
    b. If a team has a 12 run lead, the game is over.  If times permits, the players can continue to scrimmage or practice.
  • Player pitching with balls/strikes called by Umpire
  • Bunting by the batter is allowed
  • A batter throwing the bat is immediately called out
  • A batter throwing the bat a second time in a game is ejected from the game
  • Catcher must wear catcher’s mask, chest protector and shin guards
  • There is no leading. There is no stealing of bases. Runners can move off the base only after the ball has crossed over home plate.
  • A play is considered stopped with a “dead ball” only when the ball has been returned to either of: the Pitcher or other player in or around the pitcher’s mound or until an umpire calls a “dead ball” or “timeout”. Until then, the ball is in play and runners are free to advance the bases. When there is a “dead ball”, all runners will be considered safe at their closest base. Any judgment call on placement of runners is at the sole discretion of the umpire.
  • Umpires will make all calls. Arguing an Umpire’s call is not allowed by players or coaches (or parents or spectators).
  • Use of cleats is allowed but not mandatory. Spikes are prohibited.
  • Playing in team shirt and hat
  • Coaches are expected to abide by the FCCJBL Coaches Code of Conduct